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From October 6th to October 21st, Fårup is hosting an event named Lysfald in the park. The park lights up from 18:30, creating a magical evening where light and sound take center stage. All rides are illuminated, and several light installations are placed around the park. TiGHT is delighted to be a part of this. Profox and lighting designer Martin Maagaard have put together a fantastic, inspiring, and fun installation consisting of over 70 meters of RGBW tape and over 380 dimmer channels is in use, distributed on our 24-channel DMX dimmer. Everything is controlled with Madmapper.


Martin Maagaard says:

The 11x11 pixel screen is a part of Fårup`s  “Lysfald”. This is a completely unique experience where the entire amusement park is covered in light and sound. Over 500 fixtures light up the park, and now TiGHT is also part of this fantastic experience which can be experienced right up to October 21. 


Profox continues: 

Profox chose to buy led tape from TiGHT because they could deliver all the goods with 1 days’ notice. The project was under time pressure, and we are super happy that TiGHT was able to meet our requirements for short delivery. In addition, we at Profox had a good knowledge of the tape and knew that it was of good quality due to the right output for the task. A huge thanks to Jimmy, our local supplier who helped us to make this happen!

Customer - PROFOX

Light design - Martin Maagaard

Set design - Martin Maagaard

Year - 2023

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