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        - When quality matters

TiGHT is a developer and producer of professional lighting products. All our products are designed and approved for the European market. 

In TiGHT we focus on the professional lighting market; designing and developing ranges of lighting products for different segments as Theaters, TV-studios, churches, culture houses,  residential, offices and hotels. We firmly believe in the quality and customer service that we can provide you.


We aim to produce products to provide a wide product range to our partners and customers. When our partners are successful, we are, and together we can develop and provide the market with the best possible products

5 Year Warranty on all products 

Our products are designed in Norway for the European market by our product department. We give you 5 year warranty on all TiGHT LED products.

Product Development

TiGHT constantly work on developing more powerful, efficient and cost-effective products. Our industry is rapidly changing its needs, and we have the dedication and expertise required to being able to keep you up to date. 

We are involved in the complete process from the idea is born to the development of the prototypes and the delivery of the final product.

Special made LED tape

TiGHT have a lot on demand deliveries, where you have special needs of LED tape, which cannot be fulfilled using our standard products. One of our biggest advantages is that we can make the LEDtape you want. All our LEDtape can be delivered in special lengths, cable and color. 

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