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The sculpture Helix has been named after the greek word for spiral, which also describes the shape of the DNA-molecule.

“Helix has been inspired by the DNA chains in both form and function. DNA normally consists as a double helix, but in the process of replication, the double helix splits and becomes singular – this state can be seen as a parallel to the process of learning, where knowledge is replicated in order to be shared.

The placement of the artwork on the path is likewise an interpretation of education, where the students are on their path through life, and for a while they are cared for and given new knowledge and experiences before continuing on their path. Helix also points to the history of the place as the former Slagteriernes Forskningsinstitut (could be translated as ‘Butcheries’ research institute’), and the shape might have a resemblance to the shape of a pigs tail.

Helix is made from untreated corten steel and sustainably sourced teak wood, with hidden LED NEON lights between the wood planks. The light is programmed to follow the daylight and optimised to reduce the amount of energy used and to create minimal light pollution.”

TiGHT is proud to be a part of this sculpture with our Top NEON and power

Customer - Taintec

Light design - Oskar Koliander

Set design - Oskar Koliander

Location - Roskilde - Denmark

Year - 2020

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