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Trøndelag Teater


A Baroque Flirt

Join us in the upper-class Paris. In a world filled with gossip, intrigue, and flattering yes-men, our man, Alceste, values truth and honesty above all. Paradoxically, he is head over heels in love with Célimène, an unreliable heartbreaker who is not averse to lying to get what she wants. What should Alceste do? Remain true to his principles of truth, or surrender to the prevailing social conventions?

Behind the facade, seriousness lurks

Behind every good comedy lies a greater seriousness. Although Molière won the world's favor with "The Misanthrope" as early as 1666, the questions he raises are still relevant today. How honest can one be in a world that values artificial politeness above truth? How calculated can one allow oneself to be in friendship, acquaintanceship, love, and politics? In a time when conspiracy theories and distortion of reality thrive, it may be more important than ever to shed light on lies as a weapon.

The artistic team

Johannes Holmen Dahl is known for working closely with actors and text. He is accompanied by set designer Nia Damerell and lighting designer Eivind Myren. The trio is known for their work on "A Long Day's Journey into Night" (2019) and "The Glass Menagerie" (2017), for which Johannes Holmen Dahl received the Hedda and Critics' awards. Composer Alf Lund Godbolt, who last worked on "The Ten Commandments," provides the score, and musician Peder Varkøy is among the actors on stage.


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Customer - Trøndelag Teater

Light design - Eivind Myren

Set design - Mia Damerell

Photo: Pernille Sandberg

Year - 2023

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