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The Norwegian band Postgirobygget, which embarked on its journey as early as 1994 under the name "The Pissed Off Sons," quickly gained traction with their debut album "Melis," released in '96. The album sold nearly 200,000 copies and spent a total of 70 weeks on the VG Chart. Since then, they have embarked on a summer tour each year, performing for several hundred thousand people annually. The band is often rightly dubbed Norway's summer band!

For this year's tour, lighting designer Petter Nilssen has chosen to bring along DMX NEON 16x15mm. In collaboration with System Tech Group, they have designed custom squares of varying sizes that create a dynamic backdrop, controllable either through Resolume or directly from the MA3 lighting console they have on tour. Everything is operated within a network, and Postgirobygget carries nodes in custom racks designed by System Tech Group. In total, they utilize 16 DMX universes distributed across 4 nodes.

We appreciate the trust placed in us and eagerly anticipate following the continuation.

Customer - Postgirobygget

Distributor - STG

Light design - Petter Nilssen

Set design - Petter Nilssen

Location - Summer tour 2023

Photos: Kjetil Tefke

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