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1201 Aluminum Cooling

TiGHT Profile is high quality anodised aluminium profile. Universally useable, either for the protection of LED or as a luminaire. Our slim design make it easy to integrate where space is an issue. The profile can be sawn to any required length or you can order the required lenght you need. We also offer you different versions of colors and different shapes of plastic covers are all available on requests.

  • Our 1201 Aluminum Cooling is perfect where you dont want to use a regular profile but still need cooling for your LED tape. Did you know that with our 1201 aluminum cooling we can almost double the lifetime of your LED tape when you use 1201 aluminum cooling than if you install without. 1201aluminum cooling is a freestyle bending profile made from an easy to bend aluminum and can be used with any TiGHT tape up to 12mm. 

    Our 1201 aluminum cooling are ideal for both straight runs and curved surfaces. You easily bend 1201aluminum cooling to perfectly fit inside or outside turns.