DALI 1CH DIM Phase Cut LED or Incandescent

TiGHT offers a wide range of DALI lighting control, DALI dimmer and switches for both fluorescent lamps, tungsten lamps and LED lighting. We have both DT6 and DT8 products. Both of them support group and scene commands. DT6 devices can be compatible with universal DALI master controllers that support DT6 commands and DT8 devices is compatible with universal DALI master controllers that support DT8 commands. 

  • About

    • AC phase cut dimmer with both DALI and push switch control interface

    • 100-240VAC Wide Input and Output Voltage,

    • 1 DALI address to control 1 Channel Output, Up to 400W

    • Input and Output with Screw Terminals, Safe and Reliable

    • Trailing edge dimming, supports resistive loads and capacitive loads

    • Innovative minimum brightness setting function

    • Single Wire Push Switch Input for Push Dim Function

  • Product Data

    Input Voltage

    Output Current Output Power Remarks Size(LxWxH) DALI Consumption Dimming Range Ambient Temperature
    100-240VAC 1.5A max 100-240VAC Na 45.5x45x20.3mm 2mA max 0.1%-100% -20℃ ~ +50℃



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