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  • KNX 4CH DIM RGBW CV 200W 100-240VAC

    TiGHT offers a wide range of KNX lighting control, KNX dimmer and switches for both fluorescent lamps, tungsten lamps and LED lighting. TiGHT KNX series are designed in compliance with KNX protocol and can be compatible with KNX system, wich are perfect for home and building automation. Our KNX dimmers are available for single colors and RGB/RGBW LED Lighting. 

    • About

      • Dimmable LED driver with rectangle metal case

      • 4 channels 12/24VDC constant voltage output

      • Class 1 power supply, full isolated metal case

      • Built-in two-stage active PFC function

      • PF > 0.98, Efficiency > 93%

      • Low standby power < 1W

      • Built-in KNX interface, KNX/EIB Bus Connection Terminal

      • Support Physical Address and Group Address

      • To control single color, dual color, RGB/RGBW LED lighting

      • Relative Dimming Control, Absolute Dimming Control, Scene Control, On/Off Switching

      • Commission and Project Design with ETS4

      • IP20 rating, suitable for indoor LED lighting applications

    • Product Data

      Input Voltage

      Output Current Output Power Remarks Size(LxWxH) Power Factor Frequency Range Ambient Temperature
      100-240V AC Max. 4.1A/ch, ch1+ch2+ch3+ch4=8.4A max. 200W Constant voltage 330x79x39mm > 0.98 @ 230VAC 50/60Hz -20℃ ~ +45℃


    • Warranty

      5 Years

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