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Top NEON 12mmx12mm
  • Top NEON 12mmx12mm

    TiGHT NEON is our newest productline in the TiGHT Family. TiGHT NEON simulates the effect and the look of originally neon. Because of its flexibility you can install our TiGHT NEON almost everywhere. You can easily use it in edges of buildings or in your office or even stage. With our extraordinary design we have made you a product you can work easily with and without any hassel. Its easy to cut and with our brand new and innovative solder free end caps we know you will fall in love with our NEON.




    • About

      With 24V flexible NEON  and solder free caps, you have an versatile NEON for easy installation.


      With our One Bin Only guarantee within 3 MacAdam, we give you constant color temperature and high light quality at a lifetime of 50,000 hours (L80) today and tomorrow! For best possible heat dissipation we use double-layer FPC(2Oz)


      High output color changing LED NEON is suitable for residential, television, industrial, and commercial applications.

    • Warranty

      5 Years

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