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Regnvær @Svømmehallen scene in Bodø



Regnvær consists of 5 guys from Bodø. The band was formed in 2015, and quickly gained attention in their hometown with their catchy hits and beautiful ballads.


With a sound that moves in the cross between pop and modern R&B, combined with honest lyrics about love, nostalgia and finding yourself, the boys in Regnvær have captured many hearts and created a solid fan base in Norway. The whole band now lives together in a collective in Trondheim. With its own studio in the living room, catchy tunes are produced consecutively and It’s impossible not to get carried away. 


When they were going on tour, they didn't want to travel with a standard back drop, but found a creative expression that they could also have room for when traveling by plane. The requirement was that it should not weigh more than 23kg. Lighting designer Charles Ellingsen designed lighting fixtures shaped like raindrops. Charles says "With power, DMX dimmer, and LED Tape in RGBW from Tight we did it. Thanks again for the help!"


We at TiGHT are incredibly grateful for challenges that are thrown our way and our hearts warm when we see results like this! Have a good tour!

Customer - Regnvær

Distributor - Superlys

Light design - Charles Ellingsen

Set design - Charles Ellingsen

Location - Svømmehallen Scene, Bodø

Year - 2022

Photos: Kasper Holgersen

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Regnvær svømmehallen-130
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Regnvær svømmehallen-148
Regnvær svømmehallen-144
Regnvær svømmehallen-128
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