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Ljos Studio

The sculpture project “~/resonans/re:sirkel” is a nod to 2019/2020 as years of much noise and energy. Climate rebellion, school strikes, green wave, new energy, and, yes, lots of noise. Lighting effects controlled by climate data from the building control system, designed by the artist. Artwork, concept, material design, lighting design and integration is done by Pekka Stokke. TiGHT is proud to deliver DMX tape and power to this art piece!

Photos: Adam Read

Customer - Ljos Studio

Light design - Pekka Stokke

Set design - Pekka Stokke

Location - Kringsjå School, Kristiansand

Year - 2020

Resonans 9
Resonans 3
Resonans 10
Resonans 8
Resonans 7
Resonans 5
Resonans 6
Resonans 4
Resonans 2
Resonans 1
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