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Romeo og Juliet

Trøndelag Teater

Whats the ultimate love story? If it's not Romeo & Juliet we have no idea. When you add a pandemic and make the story from the end of 16th century a story for today it can't be better than implement a lot of TiGHT NEON. we are humbled that Trøndelag Teater comes to us again and again when they need expertise and cool products. We really appreciate that they challenge us and thus also develop us to only get better. A big high five to Trøndelag Teater. We are really looking forward to more exiting challenges in the future.

Customer - Trøndelag Teater

Distributor - Trondheim Lyd

Light design - Eivind Myren

Set design - Katrin Bombe

Location - Trøndelag Teater - Trondheim

Year - 2021

Romeo og Juliet 88
Romeo og Juliet 69
Romeo og Juliet 67
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