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Det Norske Teatret


"Semper Eadem" was the motto of Queen Elizabeth I and means "eternal the same". It is no coincidence that Mimmi Tamba chose the same title for her debut album. In the development of the album, she found both comfort, inspiration and resistance in the Renaissance and in her who gradually became a soul sister, Elizabeth I. Now Det Norske Teatret takes this rich and symbolic work to the stage and creates a visual and explosive concert version with strong inspiration from the first Elizabethan era. There will be corsets, crinolines, chandeliers and brightly colored concert lights in a raw, unpolished and grunge-like concert expression.


- We have started from lived life and experience, where the scenes can take place via a physical, musical or visual language, explains choreographer and director Belinda Braza.


A pumping tribute to those who are in a constant identity battle with, for and against themselves, and a tribute to those who dare to break boundaries! 


Light and set designer Torkel Skjærven choose once again TiGHT LED products when it came to LED strip, dimmer and power. This time the choice fell on TiGHT Tape 172W RGB+W 6000K and TiGHT Tape 96W RGBW DMX. Together with TiGHT power and 5ch TiGHT DMX Dimmer

We are grateful and proud to be a small part of this huge and explosive musical!

Customer - Det Norske Teatret

Light design - Torkel Skjærven

Set design - Torkel Skjærven

Photo: Erik Berg / DNT

Year - 2023

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